Light Galley

Captured by Tuksi


Name: Light Galley
Type: Medium Warship
Movement: Oared & Sailed
Structure Dice: 4D10 (22 SP)
Hardiness: 5
Manoeuvrability: +0
Speed: 40 ft. / 72 miles
Turn Rate: 80 ft.
AC: 10
Weapons Fore: None
Weapons Aft: None
Weapons Broadside: 2 Ballista
Damage: 3d6/-
Rate of Fire: 3 turns
Special Qualities: Hardy Vessel, Bone
Crew: 30
Passengers: 20
Cargo: 4 tons

Hardy Vessel – The light galley is an extremely hardy and durable vessel, able to take the very worst the sea can throw at it, so long as it has a capable crew. The light galley received a +4 bonus to all Seaworthiness checks.

Bone – This light galley is constructed of bone instead of wood making it immune to the effects of non-magical fire.


Current Crew: 8
Crew Type: Seaman (1st level sailor)
Crew HP: 10 (+10% constitution 12)
Crew Salary: 24 gold per month (3 gold each)
Crew AC: 12
Crew Attack: +2 Short Sword
Crew Damage: 1d6+1
Crew Seamanship: +4
Crew Feats: Endurance, Great Fortitude

Light Galley

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