Savage Dragon

Amnesiac Alien.


Super Strength
Super Jump
Built in Wikipedia (He somehow knows everything when you ask him a random question.)

Amnesia (He can’t remember a darned thing about his past.)
Morals (For Justice!)

Police Car (Modified/Semi Broken/Rebuilt with “Current Technology”)
3x Pistols (2 broken from rage.)
1x Rifle (Busted scope.)
1x Bazooka (Out of Ammo… That’s a hard kind of ammo to make…)
1x Fusion Bomb (erm…. swallowed by a dragon…)
20x … erm…. 3x …. Hand Grenades…. Never should’ve trusted that Goblin…
Ammunition – Infinite (Assuming his shop isn’t destroyed…)


Because yes, somehow Savage Dragon has been sucked into a dimensional portal and thrown into the Accordlands while still driving his Police Car.

When he ran out of gas, he devised a way to run his car off of water.
When he ran out of bullets, he built his own shop and devised a way to build his own bullets.
When he broke his gun in a fit of rage….. Well piss…. Gonna take awhile to figure out how to make another one of those….

Till Then….
Clobber Time!!!

Savage Dragon

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