Warlord RPG (Homebrew)

Navy Woes
Session 6 Interlude

This is general news update that is passed through the Icatian Army by word of mouth and rumors.

“The elves sunk one of the largest Galleons in our fleet! Their bone Galleys are invincible! We can’t sink them and we can’t burn them!” said a random soldier within ear shot of the party.

“Even if we hold those half dead monsters at bay on land, they are going to crush us at sea! It’s only a matter of time before they land right on our shores and overrun Sigurd!”

“If only the Stormwind Brood were still around… They would sink those elves to the bottom of the sea for sure!”

“Were there any survivors on the Galleon the elves sunk?”

“No one knows, none of our ships have been able to enter that area for awhile now. It’s crawling with those infernal elven bone warships.”

“Where did they sink?”

“Last reported sighting was off the coast of the southern shores of Crestdale. I’ve heard rumors of what they have done to the humans south of our borders… I prey the survivors died at sea so that those necromancers can’t defile their souls…”

And with that the conversation dies down to a more bleak tone. It appears that moral is down among the soldiers which is a bad omen for the coming battles.

Muk's Surprise
Session 5.3

Muks was the last group member to be interrogated. He chose not to struggle in the cell and wasn’t injured by the “Justice Zone”. Commander Jal Forsyth approached his cell and revealed to him that he knew that Muks was a “dog-boy” Yscarite. He then browsed through Muk’s memories, but was met by mental force and was pushed out of Muk’s mind. Muks further pressed the mental assault by figuring out what Jal Forsyth’s true heritage was, a Storm Drake. Jal Forsyth agreed not to reveal Muk’s secret as a Yscarite if Muk’s wouldn’t reveal his secret that he was a Storm Drake. He mentioned that his children didn’t know they were drakes and wanted to keep that fact secret until the war was over. He told Muks what he knew about the disappearance of the Stormwind Brood. They were slain during the assassin’s strike. Jal Forsyth didn’t know who had eliminated the Stormwind Brood, but he was lucky enough to escape with his children alive. He hasn’t heard a single word from the Stormwind Brood since.

Muks agreed to join the Icatian Regional Army and was released from his cell.

Lloyd's Surprise
Session 5.2

Lloyd was the second group member to be interrogated. He chose not to struggle in the cell and wasn’t injured by the “Justice Zone”. Commander Jal Forsyth approached his cell and revealed to him that he knew that Lloyd was a “half-dead”. He then browsed through Lloyd’s memories, and determined that he wasn’t “yet” a danger to the crown. He released Lloyd on the terms that he joined the Icatian Regional Army. After Lloyd was drafted, he was released.

Xarack's Surprise
Session 5.1

Xarack was the first to be interrogated by commander Jal Forsyth. In an attempt to escape from the “Justice Zone” Xarack tries to melt the iron bars with a fire spell. This resulted in the Justice Zone redirecting his flames onto his cloak, setting himself on fire. The commander revealed to Xarack that he is only 1/4 firedrake, and proceeded to call him a “mutt”. He did not have Xarack executed only because he does not believe that Xarack knowingly trespassed into Icatia, the land of the Stormwind Brood, rivals of the Firewing Brood. Xarack was forcefully drafted into the Icatian Regional Army and allowed to leave the dungeon.

Session 5

As the group finishes their day of “relaxation” before heading to the phoenix mines, a messenger arrives to greet the group as the gather their belongings to head out once more.

“Sirs, commander Jal Forsyth wishes to speak with you all. He would like to congratulate you all personally in your work to save the castle while the Icatian Regional Army was away dealing with the threat at the Phoenix Mines.” says the soldier.

The soldier leads the 4 of you into the barracks where several soldiers are seated around a massive dining table eating breakfast. At the far end of the table you see 3 individuals that look as though they are of importance. A young man and woman wearing shining noble armor, seated to the sides of an older man wearing majestic shining plate armor that would make most paladins look poor. The young man and woman smile at the group, but the older man at the head of the table looks very alarmed.

The soldier approaches the table and announces the group’s presence.
“I present to you commander, the 4 heroes who saved the castle just days before.”

The commander jumps out of his seat, his intense staring appears as though it could burn a hole into the members of the party.
“I see no heroes, only spies and traitors! Arrest them immediately!!” yells the commander at the top of his lungs.

The soldiers look around in susprise, but quickly snap to attention and completely surround the group and subdue them. As the soldiers were about to place manacles on Zephir, the commander yells. “Are you mad! Do not arrest a cleric of Albrecht, you will bring a plague on us all!” The commander points to the dungeon. “Send the other three down to the brig…. in the special threat cells… I will speak with each personally…”

With that the group is taken away down to the lower levels of the castle.
The commander looks at Zephir and bows in apologie. “I’m sorry sir, but you seem to have picked a rather unique group of unscrupulous characters to travel with, a group that I cannot ignore.” The commander then marches down into the dungeons leaving Zephir completely stunned and without the rest of his group.

As the group is led down to the dungeon, each is placed in a seperate cell. Each cell has iron bars on 3 sides and a stone wall in the back. When each person was led into their individual cells, they became bathed in a magical aura. The “Justice Zone” aura prevented any speech from being heard inside the cells. The Aura also caused negative actions to affect the person comitting the action instead of the person’s target. Each person was interrogated and then released from the prison as “Not a threat to the crown”. Each person in the group was drafted into the Icatian Regional Army as a term for their release.

The group’s next goal is to march towards the Phoenix Mines and stop the elven invasion.

Lloyd's Curse
Session 4.3

Lloyd woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in his hand. He looked at his right hand and found undead rot on it. He heard the whispering call of a female voice singing in the distance. He followed the voice outside the castle. A guard escorted him into the countryside. When the two tried to go through a mountain pass the guard fell to the ground unconscious, and so did his horse. Lloyd pressed on after tending to the guard and evenually found an aquatic elf at the basin of a valley beyond the mountain pass.
There the water elf revealed to Lloyd that he has been cursed by Lord Winter. When Lloyd dies, he will be reborn a death knight under the control of Lord Winter. Lord Winter plans on using him as a weapon against the human nations.

The aquatic elf told him that he can “overwrite” the person by which he will be bound to upon his death, but cannot defeat the curse itself. Once he dies, he WILL become an undead creature, but if he succeeds in having the master of the curse changed, his form and purpose in unlife will be altered. The aquatic elf told Lloyd to find Syneri, only he has the power to overwrite a death geas created by Lord Winter. However, Syneri has been in hiding for over 100 years since he placed the great Geas on the elves that forbade them from using necromancy. All the elves seek Syneri’s death, it will be a difficult task to locate Syneri to receive his help.

After the aquatic elf left, Lloyd headed back to the castle and the castle guard was awake and had found him near the valley’s basin. During their ride back to the castle Lloyd’s mind was attacked by Lord Winter in an attempt to reveal his recent memories dealing with the aquatic elf. Lloyd successfully defended his mind and pushed Lord Winter’s mental presence out of his mind, but received a mental warning from Lord Winter that “It isn’t over”. As Lloyd rested the undead rot on his hand disappeared, which he realized had come from a sword wound in battle the day before.

Muk's Trial
Session 4.2

As Muks was resting in castle Dragontooth after the long battle to rescue the king, he felt a sharp pain on his chest. His Mark of Yscar was triggering, and he felt strong visions of his forest burning. He began to feel the pain of the forest. His spirit left his body and fled across the land with extreme speed. When Muk’s mind could finally catch up with what was happening, he realized that he was in the form of a spirit panther. His spirit was racing across the land with extreme speed causing all the surfaces of the land to be nothing more than a blur. Muks arrived at the forest of Terror Vale within minutes, in time to see the forest burning violently. It was under attack by an elven necromancer who later revealed himself to be none other than the great lich Morghan Dythanus himself. Morghan Dythanus and the Elder Yscarite were locked in a magical struggle while the undead soldier of Dythanus continued to burn down the forest. Muks quickly intervened and destroyed the skeleton soldiers. This enraged Morghan Dythanus and caused him to summon a mighty bone dragon to battle the elder yscarite. The elder called out to the forest to give him strength and transformed into a massive green dragon to battle the bone dragon.

As the battle raged, Muks managed to distract Morghan Dythanus long enough for the elder yscarite to gain the upper hand and destroy the bone dragon. Knowing the battle was lost Morghan Dythanus teleported out of the forest as the green dragon’s tail was crashing towards the ground to smash him. The elder yscarite, severely injured, reverted back to his original form. Muks managed to summon a great blessing of icy wind to put out the fires in the forest with the help of the Icatian Spirits in the area.

After the battle was over the spirits aggreed to hide the elder yscarite until Muks could return with a way to protect the forest from the elf invasion. Muks realized that the corpse of the bone dragon could be used to protect the forest from burning if he could find a priest with enough spiritual power to infuse the forest with the bone dragon’s skeleton. Dwarves are the strongest priests in all the lands, and Muks believes that he might be able to find one at the bottom of the Phoenix Mines.

Xarack's Past
Session 4.1

Xarack was sitting in the tavern drinking some ale when he noticed his body beginning to burn up and sweat. He attempted to use his dragonfrost spell to cool the back of his neck, only to discover that his spell turned into fire and burned the back of his neck. He fled the tavern in fear as everyone’s gaze turned his way.

After Xarack fled the tavern, and left castle Dragontooh, he came upon a thicket of trees that he believed would be a safe place to hide to treat his fever. His clothes burst into flames, the trees around him caught of fire, and the grass beneath him turn to ash. As he screamed in terror and pain he heard a southing voice approach him from beyond the cloud of ash that this fire was kicking up into the air.

The unknown stranger introduced himself as Azamereth Flamekeeper, a fire priest of Narawat. He soothed Xarack’s pain and fear. He then put out the fires in the area by drawing the fires into himself.

Azamereth Flamekeeper revealed to Xarack that he believes that Xarack is the descendant of the Firewing Brood. He believes Xarack is a firedrake descendant of a Narawat firedrake that had fled to Andover over 100 years ago to battle the elves right before the great Geas was cast upon them. The renegade firedrake was branded a traitor and was believed to have died in battle. Xarack is proof that he survived. After two generations of human breeding Xarack was born. Because Xarack is only partially a firedrake, he does not have access to many of his natural abilities that are normally granted to the firedrakes at birth. (Nor will he have wings when he finally achieved his true form.)

The only physical difference that can be seen in Xarack is that his dragonfrost spell has become a dragonfire spell. Also, he appears to be a little more susceptible to cold, and a little more resistant to heat.

Finally, Azamereth Flamekeeper told Xarack that his bloodline is tainted by his ancestor’s actions, and that he may never journey to Narawat until he redeems his bloodline’s name. With that, Azamereth Flamekeeper flees back into the mountains.

Rest and Relaxation
Session 4

The group, weary from their taxing battle to save castle Dragontooth, decided to take a day of rest before heading out to the Phoenix Mines to thwart the elven invasion.

Each member of the group faced personal trials, which helped further develop each character’s story.

King Saved
Session 3

After fighting their way through the elven armies that had taken over the castle, the group finally encountered the leader. An elven necromancer, who had almost destroyed the group before finally being defeated. After the castle was cleared of the corpses, the king introduced himself to the group. He explained to them that the castle’s treasury had been looted by the elven armies. The elves were most likely retreating towards the Phoenix Mines where they first broke through Icatia’s defenses. King Jacob ordered Aryss to lead the army towards the Phoenix Mines, to seal the area from the elven forces once and for all.

After that the king commended the group for their deeds, he asked them to go on a quest to find out what had happened to the Stormwind Brood. The king mentioned that the stormwind brood is an extremely important asset in their war against the invading elves. He offered the group a handsome reward should they find out what had happened to the Stormwind Brood, and an even greater reward should they successfully get the Stormwind Brood to return to Icatia and help Icatia in their war against the elves.


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