Squire's Questline

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Several squires training for knighthood in house Rellion of the Deverenian Empire, have failed their training. For various reasons, these squires have been sent on a perilous quest to redeem themselves and prove themselves to be worthy knights.

Lord Gahid Rellion, master of house Rellion, has commanded Kelanor lead the misfit squires on a quest to claim the dragon’s skull that sits atop high queen Tepheroth’s throne. Then, and only then, will the squires be allowed to return to Deverenia. Until then, they are all banished from the empire in shame for their deeds and ideals.

Each of these squires suffers from some form of insanity, that they must overcome in order to fulfill their quest and return home.

(Insanity determined by a Random Insanity Table listed in the Palladium RPG core rule book.)

Squire's Questline

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