Ladon's Questline

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The Dragon God, Ladon, holds dominion over the dragons of many realms and dimensions. However, one unique realm had no dragons residing on it. Since he could not manifest himself in any form on a realm with no dragons, he found a solution. By instilling his presence inside a rune, he could communicate with ordinary humans and bestow upon them portions of his power. He surveyed the land and found several groups of humans that matched his liking and bestoyed upon them gifts of power in exchange for their servitude. These humans who began to worship him he dubbed Dragon Knights, their leaders the Dragonlords, and the sovereign of each clan the Dragon Highlords.

There were 7 Dragon Clans established by Ladon.
Three alignment based dragon clans: Light, Dark, and Eternity.
Four elemental based dragon clans: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water.

Each clan recruited humans who displayed personality characteristics that Ladon favored for each clan to display in his name. Each applicant would have to pass a test which was different for each clan in order to be bestoyed the power of the dragon by Ladon. Afterwards a rune in the image of the True Dragon Rune would appear of the new Dragon Knight’s head.

During a fatal war with an almighty and powerful Demon Highlord by the name of Yuber, the entire realm that Ladon had spread his presence on was destroyed. The Dragon Highlords of 3 of the elemental dragon clans were slaughtered, and all 7 Dragon Clans escaped to two entirely different realms. Ladon decided to allow his presence within the Dragon Rune to follow the 4 elemental dragon clans rather than the 3 prime dragon clans that went a separate way.

With 3 of the 4 Highlords of the elemental Dragon Clans dead, Ladon entrusted the surviving Dragon Highlord to lead his people to safety in another dimension. Plik Rugner had several flying island airships under his control with which he lead the surviving dragon clans through a dimensional portal into a new world. At the helm of the Dark Esper, Plik lands in the new world only to be immediately assaulted by the Deverenian Empire…

After Plik’s victory against a large army of Verdatha Riders, Ladon announces what each Clans mission shall be.

He commands the Fire Dragon Clan to remain at the border of the Deverenian Empire and secure a foothold in the mountains to begin a mission to ultimately topple this evil and corrupt empire.

To the Earth Dragon Clan, Ladon commands that they venture underground to assist several armies of dwarves that he senses are fighting a vast war under the ground against a great and powerful army of demonic creatures.

The Wind Dragon Clan he commands south, to a human nation known as Llyr that Ladon senses is being slaughtered and conquered by some form of evil elves. The Wind Dragon Clan is to liberate the humans of this nation and help them rise up against the elves.

Ladon commands the Water Dragon Clan to head to the ocean to the west in order to recover from its defeat since it suffered the greatest casualties. Ladon hopes that maybe the Water Dragon Clan will be able to secure allies along the coast in the West.

Ladon's Questline

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