Custom Rule Set

This game is based strongly off of a combination of Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen and Warlord: Saga of the Storm.

The Game is played on three levels of maps on the Virtual Tabletop program D20pro.

World Map: An official map of the Accordlands straight from the Warlords of the Accordlands RPG book. Movement is tracked in days/weeks, and is generally only done in groups.

Overworld Map: Custom maps at the Nation/Kingdom/City level that allow travel/interaction as groups or individual characters.

Battle Map: I use a backdrop straight out of Ogre Battle(SNES) to perform group combat similar to the original Warlord card game.

A copy of the entire ruleset I have devised can be emailed upon request.

Custom Rule Set

Warlord RPG (Homebrew) StormDrake