A bored Ice Dragon.


Summoned a dimensional portal to the world of the Accordlands. Brought a Police Car and an excited Savage Dragon with him… Then realized that his portal took him right out of the Palladium Megaverse he was from! Well… erm…. I guess there’s no known way back now… Might as well enjoy it…


After arriving in the Accordlands, Zardos met and became an ally of Denska. Due to him being a Dragon of significant power, he became of commander of the Denska Army fairly quickly. He now commands a small army near the Denska-Deverenian Border and is actively involved in fighting the Deverenians.

Recently a massive land mass appeared in the sky and oddly shaped little dragons poured out from it. He witnessed a war brewing in the sky between these odd little dragons and the Deverenian Empire’s legions of Verdatha Riders. He assisted them and led their sky ship towards Denska and secured an alliance between these “Dragons” and Denska.

(He looks down on these dragons since none of them have any sort of magical powers, no mental/telepathic powers, have bi-pedal legs, are only the size of ogres, and are only of moderate human intellegence.)


Warlord RPG (Homebrew) Zardos