Plik Rugner

Highlord of the Fire Dragon Clan.


Plik Rugner was once a human thief, living in the streets of the Scarlet Moon Empire. However after the Scarlet Moon Empire was destroyed. The 108 stars of destiny saw to it that the King Dragon Sword of Barbarossa Rugner, the king of the empire, was shattered and scattered about the planet.

After the collapse of the empire, Plik Rugner discovered he was a bastard child of the fallen king Barbarossa Rugner. The Sovereign Rune, is the true rune that was inside the hilt of the King Dragon Sword. It called out to Plik to reclaim the shattered fragments and to rebuild the King Dragon Sword.

On his mission to rebuild the fabled sword, Plik became entangled in several wars between many nations. He participated in the Second Firebringer War, in which the wielder of the True Fire Rune defeated Harmonian Empire which had invaded the Grasslands. Plik fought a drawn out war with the Kingdom of Kahna in which he managed to steal a large airship shaped like a flying island, the Dark Esper.

After the war with the Kingdom of Kahna was over, Plik had finally recovered the last remaining fragment of the King Dragon Sword and re-assembled the mighty sword. It made him completely immune to all forms of magic, and allowed him to transform into the legendary 3-headed King Dragon.

In a titanic battle with the all powerful Yuber, he was struck down by the might of Yuber’s Eightfold Rune. He was killed on the spot by Yuber after his defeat.


After Plik had awoken, he released he was not dead. During his last breathing moments Pesmerga had managed to save his soul and transfer it into a new body to save him from the afterlife. To his surprise though, Pesmerga had chosen the body of Tetujin Firefang, a Dragonlord of the Fire Dragon Clan of a place far away known as Dragon Island. Tetujin had recently passed away, having choked on a grape, leaving his body an empty husk perfect for the transfer. After Plik came to his senses Pesmerga told him that the Highlord of the Fire Dragon Clan had recently passed away and he wished Plik to replace him as Highlord of the Clan. Only by becoming a Dragon Highlord could Plik ever manage to face Yuber again on equal footing. Even the power of the great and powerful King Dragon Sword was not enough to defeat him. So with the King Dragon Sword lost a world away Plik adapted to his new body and his new unique powers. He was the embodiment of one of the most powerful Fire Dragons this world had known in a long time. He defeated the other dragonlords with ease and ascended to the throne of the Fire Dragon Clan.

However, not long after his rule began, Yuber invaded Dragon Island with an entire army of Chaos. All the Dragon Clans fell victum to his assault. None of them were prepared to face a demon army as vast as Yuber had brought with him to hunt down Plik whom he realized was not really dead. Pesmerga and Plik were the only true threat to Yuber’s world dominance and he would not let them stand in his way. Of the 7 Dragon Highlords, 3 of them were killed in single combat by Yuber. The Dragon Highlords of the Light, Dark, and Eternal Dragon Clans came to Plik’s rescue while Plik fought Yuber alone slowly losing. The surviving Dragon Highlords commanded Plik to lead the surviving members of the Elemental Dragon Clans (Fire, Wind, Water, Earth) whom no longer had Highlords to another world to take their people to safety. After they escaped the Light, Dark, and Eternal Dragon Clans escaped to a seperate dimension.

Even though Plik thought the Dark Esper to be lost with the death of his previous body, he was able to locate and recover the Dark Esper. He loaded the surviving members of the Elemental Dragon Clans onto the Dark Esper and fled through a dimensional portal heading to a new world.

When Plik arrived, he arrived in the Accordlands. Soon after arrival he found his ship under attack by the Deverenian Empire…

Plik Rugner

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