Warlord RPG (Homebrew)

The Beginning

Session 1

The group witnessed the destruction of Corinth and the rest of the Nation of Andover as they fled into Llyr. They watched Llyr being destroyed around them until they finally found a kingdom that had managed to survive thus far. The group successfully talked the Icatian Militia into using the Forest of Terror Vale as a strategic battlefield against the elven armies. After which, they began their journey towards the capital of Icatia, Castle Dragontooth, which the group had been smoke rising from. They met a ferocious female half-ogre warrior who tore a hole through a solid stone castle wall in a fit of rage. Later that day a new member of the party had a run-in with the female half-ogre, Aryss Brightblade, and watched as she crushed an elven assassin into a pool of blood and bones with a single swing of her giant maul. When the encounter ended the new member of the group headed towards Sigurd as the rest of the group was heading in his direction towards the Castle Dragontooth.



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