Warlord RPG (Homebrew)

Navy Woes

Session 6 Interlude

This is general news update that is passed through the Icatian Army by word of mouth and rumors.

“The elves sunk one of the largest Galleons in our fleet! Their bone Galleys are invincible! We can’t sink them and we can’t burn them!” said a random soldier within ear shot of the party.

“Even if we hold those half dead monsters at bay on land, they are going to crush us at sea! It’s only a matter of time before they land right on our shores and overrun Sigurd!”

“If only the Stormwind Brood were still around… They would sink those elves to the bottom of the sea for sure!”

“Were there any survivors on the Galleon the elves sunk?”

“No one knows, none of our ships have been able to enter that area for awhile now. It’s crawling with those infernal elven bone warships.”

“Where did they sink?”

“Last reported sighting was off the coast of the southern shores of Crestdale. I’ve heard rumors of what they have done to the humans south of our borders… I prey the survivors died at sea so that those necromancers can’t defile their souls…”

And with that the conversation dies down to a more bleak tone. It appears that moral is down among the soldiers which is a bad omen for the coming battles.



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