Warlord RPG (Homebrew)

King Saved

Session 3

After fighting their way through the elven armies that had taken over the castle, the group finally encountered the leader. An elven necromancer, who had almost destroyed the group before finally being defeated. After the castle was cleared of the corpses, the king introduced himself to the group. He explained to them that the castle’s treasury had been looted by the elven armies. The elves were most likely retreating towards the Phoenix Mines where they first broke through Icatia’s defenses. King Jacob ordered Aryss to lead the army towards the Phoenix Mines, to seal the area from the elven forces once and for all.

After that the king commended the group for their deeds, he asked them to go on a quest to find out what had happened to the Stormwind Brood. The king mentioned that the stormwind brood is an extremely important asset in their war against the invading elves. He offered the group a handsome reward should they find out what had happened to the Stormwind Brood, and an even greater reward should they successfully get the Stormwind Brood to return to Icatia and help Icatia in their war against the elves.



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