Warlord RPG (Homebrew)


Session 5

As the group finishes their day of “relaxation” before heading to the phoenix mines, a messenger arrives to greet the group as the gather their belongings to head out once more.

“Sirs, commander Jal Forsyth wishes to speak with you all. He would like to congratulate you all personally in your work to save the castle while the Icatian Regional Army was away dealing with the threat at the Phoenix Mines.” says the soldier.

The soldier leads the 4 of you into the barracks where several soldiers are seated around a massive dining table eating breakfast. At the far end of the table you see 3 individuals that look as though they are of importance. A young man and woman wearing shining noble armor, seated to the sides of an older man wearing majestic shining plate armor that would make most paladins look poor. The young man and woman smile at the group, but the older man at the head of the table looks very alarmed.

The soldier approaches the table and announces the group’s presence.
“I present to you commander, the 4 heroes who saved the castle just days before.”

The commander jumps out of his seat, his intense staring appears as though it could burn a hole into the members of the party.
“I see no heroes, only spies and traitors! Arrest them immediately!!” yells the commander at the top of his lungs.

The soldiers look around in susprise, but quickly snap to attention and completely surround the group and subdue them. As the soldiers were about to place manacles on Zephir, the commander yells. “Are you mad! Do not arrest a cleric of Albrecht, you will bring a plague on us all!” The commander points to the dungeon. “Send the other three down to the brig…. in the special threat cells… I will speak with each personally…”

With that the group is taken away down to the lower levels of the castle.
The commander looks at Zephir and bows in apologie. “I’m sorry sir, but you seem to have picked a rather unique group of unscrupulous characters to travel with, a group that I cannot ignore.” The commander then marches down into the dungeons leaving Zephir completely stunned and without the rest of his group.

As the group is led down to the dungeon, each is placed in a seperate cell. Each cell has iron bars on 3 sides and a stone wall in the back. When each person was led into their individual cells, they became bathed in a magical aura. The “Justice Zone” aura prevented any speech from being heard inside the cells. The Aura also caused negative actions to affect the person comitting the action instead of the person’s target. Each person was interrogated and then released from the prison as “Not a threat to the crown”. Each person in the group was drafted into the Icatian Regional Army as a term for their release.

The group’s next goal is to march towards the Phoenix Mines and stop the elven invasion.



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